Saturday, November 22, 2008


I started my day in Desaru on the 19 Oct...I guess it's quite late for me to post it...hehe...sorry...time constrain plus Celcom broadband coverage is slow.... =(

actually, the 1st time I got into my group here, i was about feeling like running away....damn bored & i didn't know anyone plus seems that they are "Bored" to death...but, after the winning in the explorace, i started to feel "in luv" with my groupie members...ahaksss (confession of an honest heart tuuuuu...)

our first achievement ... the Great Financial Consultant

I am grateful that i had great and understanding extended roomies since UTM life...ika ... =)

322's - epi, iza, piea & ika

I also got few new "Kamceng" colleague here....

ika, piea, AFIAH, iza

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