Friday, March 12, 2010

Another starts......

Hi to all...

One year plus since last update for my blog.. I don't have the courage to write pluss buzy yg teramat.

Today, I'm still with my companies but the contract soon will be ended. *sigh* but i have several plan after that.....(yg tu lain kali cerita eh...) .. As for now, the office is so sunyi...because everyone going to Sarawak for the last Project deployment.. (which i choose not to go..hehehe).

For the past one year, i had encountered many sweet,sour,happy,bad,blur moments... I didn't regret whatever happen to me here, because it help me to think outside the box and make them as future reference. Thank God it's only for one year & a half...(kalau x mati aku beb.....) =P

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