Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sharing Experience about GREEN / GEMS

Once, I pernah rase useless sgt sbb tak dapat kerja yg diidamkan after graduate. U know lah mentality most of the newly-graduate, eager to find JOB.. Some of us may be lucky coz they find the job that they want & got high salary.. But some of us,like me, 1st job is not as in dreams..

After kerja about 4 months, I sgt x tahan dgn environment tmpt tu..Too stressful (ni tak tipu) so, I decided to quit without having another job.. mmg nekad ms tu..(considering I dont have any commitments on paying debts at that time....yg ade tu, tolong la pikir2 dlu ye..) Masa berhenti tu bulan, menanam anggur sampai raye... Mmg ms tu stress tak boleh belah muke cool je lah. Dalam hati ni, Only God Knows....

Then, My bro suggest to Join GREEN programme (now,known as GEMS) under Khazanah Nasional & Iskandar Malaysia. Ms tu takde hati pon bile register...Tp after half way through the programme, myself feel like being RECHARGE !! yeahh... Thanks to GREEN...and now u see me melalui onak ranjau dgn penuh konfiden. =)

Dalam programme sebegini, I was taught about simple management concept, Self development & even brush up ur Business Communication.. It looks like boring but the activities inside there will surely develop yourself.. You'll never know U can do it , until U try....! Jangan pulak masuk program ni, U jd kera sumbang, mmg x develop lah... Fikir this is the last chance to develop urself okay.....
picture taken from GEMS Portal

So, pada adik2 / kwn2 yg rase diri dh kurg motivasi diri to find job, u try lah to masuk this programme... Just klik here to register as participants.

Or you can browse through about GEMS first! Tak rugi kalau mencuba!

Actually buat post ni khas utk adik sofi yg sdg cari kerja.~


  1. good info.
    nanti afzan pun nak share kat blog pasal ni.
    buleh kan?

  2. good info! kerajaan memg serius nak membantu kan kan. aku cari kerja pun blum intensif lagi..hehe...nanti kalau tak dapat baru nak plan daftar Gems ni..kalau tak payah cari kerja..terus masuk ni pun macam best je

  3. wah.. bestnya.. beruntung la siapa yg dpt join program ni.. (^__^)

  4. sofi@afzan....

    Boleh...takde salahnyer...sharing is caring aite?

  5. sofi@fndrocka

    Hye there...Niat tu yg paling penting. Kalau msuk program ni kene betul2 set target ape yg kite nak...Jgn join tp in the end gain nothing...

    Anyway, keep up the good attitude & goodluck for future undertakings.

  6. sofi@Faarihin

    Hye...yerps..mmg untung.... Can develop your inner strength & at the same time develop networking.. ^_^