Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pengajaran & Pengalaman

Hi all,

Saturday leaving & Sunday coming.... Monday waiting.....Sigh~

Last friday, sofi blk hometown dgn adik,fiza. After kerja trus amik die kt rumah aunt n blk. Tp, sofi selalu balik Jb semula on Monday early morning,which akan smpi terus to my workplace around 730am & x smpat nak hntar fiza if die ikut skali. So, my sister have to go back on Sunday by bus...

Bukan xboleh nak balik ptg Sunday, tp pd sofi, biarlah fiza belajar susah skit. If I nak compare, I would say,her life is always easy.semua die cedok dr pengalaman I... Which agak sng sbb ade org lead her life. Tp, sofi plak jenis yg byk explore sndiri.. During her age, I already worked in KL & do almost everthng by my ownself except certain things.

Uhhh,ape sbnrnye nak cerita ni....I just want her to be more independant ...because life outside is not as perfect as shown in TV.. She has to go through it & learn!

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