Friday, September 19, 2008

:: the day started ::

as time goes by today, i felt i'm very boring-to-death. Actually it's been 13 days since i "cabut" from my workplace.thehehe.u out there better not follow my footsteps doing this.well, i'm just an ordinary-emo-bubbly girl who sometimes can't bear to "tension-nous" and "pressure" lifestyle.but that's not the end of the world kan.

at about 4pm today, i got a phone call.she (the caller) introduce herself as Fauziah from MOX.huhuhu, the company sounds like modelling agencies to me.(haha).at that time i was like "blur" and dont know how to respond. she asked me weather can attend an interview on 24th sept at Tebrau.hmm...spontaneously, i said ok without knowing what is MOX...(sigh***) ???

So then, i browse the intnt and found out that MOX is actually Malaysian Oxygen Berhad.. haha..
actually i'm the one who applied for

"Production Engineer" via Jobstreet..after that, i do some studies about the company and i decide to make sure myself get the Job!!! chaiyuk!

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