Saturday, September 20, 2008

:: shopping, searching, fasting ::

today, me-abah-mak-kakcik went to Jb for our Raya shopping.we went Jusco Tebrau.we planned to arrive at UTM to fetch my other sis-teh at around 10.but plan forever will be plan.hehehe.we arrived at 11am.sorry teh...~and this is when i started to see my kakcik is growing teenage girl...she suddenly want t wear my clothes and want to put some make-up and trying so hard to match her outfit with shoes...(i felt like i'm looking at myself!)1st, we went ahead to my Late grandma's house at Kg Melayu..abah wanted to left some of our old clothes there since the back side of the house is empty..(it's like our store room..) hehe~actually, when i was a lil kid, i live with my grandma...(sometimes i miss her so much)...looking at the house make me want to sob sob one take care of the house properly now...sob sob again...

abah get excited to survey my new factory-oopss-soon to be my factory...MOX..i got the address said it is at Tebrau Industrial Estate but actually there r FOUR phase of them and yet we don't know which 1..huaaa...~so, we decided to search MOX after sHopping Time.. =)

we arrived at JJ tebrau around 12..and it started to get Hot although we r inside the building..dugaaannnn~but my sisters still can give a smile at the camera!~

finally.after the shopping time.we realised that we spent almost 2K...aiyooo~

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