Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How & where to start ?

+ Assalamualaikum +
+ Hye +

I haven't done "serious" writing for quite sometimes ni.. So, how & where should I start?

Hmmm.....*fikir kejap* Nak kene bgtau reasons ke kenapa? ohh, maybe x perlu la sbb I know you guys pn taknak tau kann..hee..I may be quite silent but I do blog walking nearly everyday tau especially at Peeja Burhan & Fillanie blogs ! I like them both & admire them because they can write so many stories, Everyday !..*donno how they do it*

Agaknye , kalau i dpt write mcm diorg, ade org nak bagi Bunga tak?? ************heeee

Ohh, maybe i couldn't find the answer... ape kate, kite start je dr this entry & maybe I will find the answers... So bloggers out there, do support me & peace yo !!!


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