Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Johore & Malacca Weddings

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Here I am , again, writing about FRIENDS weddings.. **obviously writing about mine is ridiculous, because I'm NO married woman - not yet** hee

2012 wedding season started in Kluang Johor.
Both are my friends from highschool years.
Nadzirah & Sheh Arif.

Kluang, Johor - 14 Jan 2012
Thanks to FB!

The next one is my BFF during Mrsm years...
Quite sometimes not seeing her...
So, this wedding was like a reunion for us too..
Ain & Faizal

Masjid Tanah, Melaka - 21 Jan 2012

Thanks to FB !

This coming 29 Jan 2012, I have another wedding invitation from BFF. Hopefully, I will have the guts to share the lovely events here. *Aaaa*..


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